Automation Accessories  
  In addition to the many productivity enhancing feeding systems and solutions, Thiele offers a variety of accessories which further help increase productivity.  
  Cover / Page Openers  


VacuLift Automatic Cover Opener

Add Inserts, Buck-slips, Blow-in cards to Magazines, Calendars, and more. The VacuLift Automatic Cover Opener is ideal for automating the insertion of coupons, CDs, reply cards, stiffeners, inserts, buck-slips, and more.
  Autoloaders / Bulk Product Feeders  
P-1 Autoloader


Horizontal Product Feeder

Designed to be a flexible "bulk product" loading solution that easily integrates to a variety of host equipment including friction feeders, addressing bases, swing arm inserter hopper stations, rotary drum feeders, and much more.
HV Incline Autoloader


Incline Autoloader

Increase your productivity and maximize your profits with the new High Volume Auto Loader. With quick setups, easy of use and a large product loading area, it efficiently manages high-speed batch counting/accumulating and other large run applications including collation lines.
  Flighted Infeeder Conveyors / Collator Bases  
Value Collator Base


Value Collator Base

This entry-level base can accommodate up to four feeders to reliably deliver a wide variety of product types and sizes. Ideal as a roll-around, general-purpose conveyor for collating and delivering products. Use offline or for automated systems including shrink wrappers.
Modular Collator Base


Modular Collator Base

Designed to be a flexible and innovative solution to even the most challenging applications. Completely configurable for your application with right to left, left to right, or optional dual-direction operation. Easily expandable with optional Middle Sections that can be added as system requirements expand. The CB-5 has a total length of 5-1/2 feet. The MCB-11 is expandable in length beyond 11 feet in 4.5’ increments to allow for more feed stations.
  Production Output Conveyor  
Shingling Conveyor


Stand-Alone Shingling Conveyor

The Stand-Alone Shingling Conveyor provides flexibility and versatility wherever product collection is required. The slow-moving design allows products to be collected in a shingled manner and the amount of shingle can be controlled by the variable speed control. The high-torque drive system is designed to handle large work-loads ensuring years of dependable operation.

  Mounting Stands & Accessories  
Adjustable Stands


Adjustable Height
Feeder Mounting Stands

Our adjustable stands are made to optimize the versatility of your feeders. With features such as the low profile base and tool-free adjustments, make-ready times are minimized. Designed to be used with all lines of our feeders. Your choice of standard and heavy-duty.




A variety of wedges may be utilized for feeding materials based on their properties. A wedge may be used either alone or in combination with another wedge. With a variety of accessories such as wedges, you can be sure "We Have Your Solution".





Labeling Series

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